Victor Mindset

Victor mindset or growth mindset is the mindset that is continuously learning from mistakes and changing itself with time. It appreciates the power of mindset and acts in accordance to utilize it. Unlike victim mindset, […]

Victim Mindset

Victim mindset or fixed mindset is the mindset which is unconsciously confined to its limiting or self-defeating beliefs. It is a dependent and adopted mindset that develops helplessness and vulnerability in an individual that strives […]

The Human Computer Mind

A computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information and processing it with sequence of operations to produce a result in form of information and signals. It receives information from Input devices […]

Importance of Brainwaves

A wave is an energy transfer phenomenon through matter. Matter through which energy is transferred is referred as medium. The particles of the medium interact with each other and come back to their original position […]

The Human Energy System

  “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather it is transformed from one form to another.” There are forms of energy like kinetic, potential, mechanical, heat, electrical, electromagnetic, chemical, nuclear etc. that are omnipresent […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Actions speak louder than words “is a necessity to remember to get rid of most of the illusions of our world. Actions prove what really the person is, whereas words show what the person wants […]

Understanding Oneself

Understanding oneself is an opportunity to spend time and effort to learn about oneself so that lesser time is wasted while building oneself. No one is born with knowledge of self; it doesn’t come natural […]