Stay Curious.Be Aware.

With the evolution of computers and smart phones; Information Technology has helped humans enter the digital age. It’s the first time in our history; mankind is able to connect with each other in real time using the internet. Internet has gradually emerged to be the brain of the planet and search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo etc helps us access the right information and learn from it. Intelligent Quotient (IQ), a subjective measure of an individual’s intelligence, has become objective as any basic information or knowledge is merely some clicks away on the internet. With information being so objective, any form of imagination can be validated and identified with the right facts and knowledge and just like that, Curiosity becomes a fun game of the mind, exchanging answers with questions and creating a feeling of self-growth and content. A strong desire to know and some challenges can dramatically change any life in this Information age.

Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn something and is driven towards adding value or meaning to one’s perspective.  Being curious is identified with asking questions in the hope of getting the right answers. The probability of getting the right answers has increased dramatically due to the advent of Internet. Thus, the quality of life largely depends on the quality of questions and emotions related to it. Curiosity will surface the right knowledge and an individual will experience a moment of awareness as the knowledge merges with his perception producing a sense of realization and unity. The answers become the foundation for further questions and soon curiosity grows to be a chain reaction of questions and answers to shape the path of knowledge and wisdom.

Awareness is a perception of a fact or situation by a human being. Being Aware is having one’s own unique perspective about the reality. Knowledge is an objective term, altogether whereas Awareness is subjective to the perceiver. The Awareness of a Plastic Chair, for an engineer, will revolve around the technology and material of the chair, for a designer it would be the shape and structure of it and for a customer, it would be durability and comfort of the same chair.

Curiosity will add knowledge into the realm of awareness of the perceiver and will instill more curiosity in the process. Thus, curiosity and awareness complement each other to help the perceiver filter the right knowledge in the pursuit of dreams and aspirations in this digital age.

Stay Curious. Be Aware. Become Your Greater Version.


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