The Power Of Mindset

Every one of 7.4 Billion Human Beings on our planet is, in one way or other, unique. A Mindset is an intrinsic part of a human being and is the abstract that makes us unique and exclusive. In simpler words, our Species is a culture of 7.4 Billion Mindsets.

The birth of a new born baby marks the origin of a new mindset in this world. It adopts genes from parents and is ready to explore this reality. With time, it absorbs parent’s mindset naturally and starts building its own lens to see the world.  Education starts with school where the mindset realizes that there is a lot to understand and learn. Over time, the mindset is often tested through experiences and mistakes, and then grows by learning from them and restructuring old beliefs. Its maturity is defined more by the diversity of experiences than by age or time. The ability of learning from experiences helps the mindset to thrive under different circumstances. Thus, it matures and evolves in the pursuit of its dreams.

A mindset can be defined as collection of conscious and unconscious beliefs constructed over time and experience. In order to maintain continuity in our lives, beliefs systems are formed. Beliefs are relative and often linked to each other. Some commonly held belief systems are related to aspects of oneself, parents, money, education, friends, marriage, life purpose, etc and even about this article, one is reading right now. The mindset defends its beliefs as it is tested in real time. New experiences get folded into the existing belief system and are denied when they don’t fit in. A sudden change in belief system can be noticed during a time of crisis and adversity.

A belief unconsciously directs the attention to structure the attitude and behavior associated with it. The mind undergoes introspection of the situation with thoughts and emotions to support the prevailing attitude. The nature of the parent belief system is reflected in the attitude, thoughts and emotions following it.

The introspection by the attitude results in two choices i.e. to Act or to Not Act. The choice of Action will project the underlying feeling onto the environment and will trigger the reaction from it and the choice of inaction will result in the prevailing belief system to reinforce itself in the mindset. The exchange of action and reaction in real time is our reality and a reinforced belief system will manifest into reality in unimaginable ways in future. Thus, the mindset will change its reality indefinitely, irrespective of the choices.

In simpler words, the mindset consists of belief systems that direct the attitude to take a decision of action and reactions that becomes its reality.

Thus, the Power of a Mindset is to change its reality, unconsciously and consciously



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