The Paradox Of Change

“The only thing that is constant is Change” is the most inevitable truth of our universe and change multiplied over space and time is evolution.

After the Big Bang, the universe evolved for more than 9 billion years before it could manifest our planet, Earth. Over years, Earth went through many natural changes in its environment and it was after 1 billion years, natural conditions of the planet were suitable for the birth of first form of life energy.  It is mesmerizing how life started in oceans and evolved onto the surface of the planet. After 3.5 billion years from birth of first form of life energy, human beings evolved into existence on the planet. Since then, humans continue to evolve and adapt to the environment.

Our planet, Earth is also a form of life-energy which is constantly evolving to foster more than 1.3 million species of life forms. Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old and is still evolving with every passing second. It is captivating to realize that a human being lives for an average 80 years on the planet of history in some billion years. Irrespective of the life span of a human being, it experiences change in itself and environment in every second in its lifetime.

It is obvious to conclude, Change is the law of universe.

A Human Being is on a continuous pursuit to achieve its dreams and adapts to the outside world to satisfy its needs and wants. A mindset is the inner world of a human being and adapting to outer world is as necessary as changing its inner world with time. It adapts to the outer world easily and rarely questions its inner world. Like any change in universe, mindset also needs constant change in order to evolve and become capable of manifesting its own dreams. Only a stream of running water is able to cut through rocks and reach its destination.

A mindset resists change in itself because it is in a comfortable zone and fears the uncertainty of change. The comfortable zone of mindset is just like a stagnant puddle of water which grows stale with time. It will complain and condemn every opportunity of any situation which could foster change for its own good. The mindset fears change in itself due to lack of right knowledge and self-awareness. Instilling curiosity and asking the right questions will reveal the right answers and trigger actions related to it.  It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone and the results are always worth it. The water never knows how it is going reach its destination until it reaches its destination and completes its journey.

Let the inner universe make mistakes, learn and change its course with time.



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