Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Actions speak louder than words “is a necessity to remember to get rid of most of the illusions of our world. Actions prove what really the person is, whereas words show what the person wants to become.  The person often contradicts its own words without even realizing it. The continuous misalliance with words and action creates a sense of confusion in people around that person and is one the main reasons that people don’t completely trust each other. The inability of people to understand what the other person actually means breeds doubt and judgment.  In reality, people tend do the same things to each other and create more confusion and chaos, unconsciously. Imagine, we ourselves become the reason of everything we tend to judge or condemn about. It would be much better, if we would let our actions do most of our important communications around us.

A new born child is always curious to learn about its reality and as time grows it understands everything through feelings. It notices people say things and act against it or say things when they don’t mean it. Unconsciously, a child starts adopting these self-limiting beliefs and starts living the same kind of lies as everyone around it.  However, from time to time, the mindset realizes that it is living in a self created illusion but justifies it by noticing other people doing the same. Every other person continues to do the same thing and illusion becomes a reality. This illusion breeds many negative feelings in people like doubt, jealousy, guilt, hate, anger, envy and more confusion. The reliance of words over actions also develops procrastination and arrogance, thus affecting confidence and efficiency of an individual. When an individual says something that it doesn’t mean, it creates an illusion for itself and becomes its own enemy without even realizing it. All these lies lead the person to be ignorant of its true self.

No single person is to be blamed for this discrepancy, but everyone can take their own responsibility. In order to come out of this illusion, one has to become a self-observer. Observing ones thoughts, emotions and trying to understand the reasons of prevailing limiting beliefs.  Once a belief is understood, self acceptance will allow that limiting belief to dissolve and negative feelings about any belief will start to evaporate and will give space for positive feelings to fill that space.

Observe and transmute. Be a man of fewer words and more actions.


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