Understanding Oneself

Understanding oneself is an opportunity to spend time and effort to learn about oneself so that lesser time is wasted while building oneself. No one is born with knowledge of self; it doesn’t come natural to us. It takes conscious effort and time to be aware of this knowledge. Unaware of this knowledge, a mindset suppresses its feelings and often lives in denial of its own reality. This suppression of thoughts and emotions develops vulnerability and self-rejection. However, self-observation allows the mindset to introspect and be conscious of its own reality. When the mindset is conscious and aware, it becomes easier to accept complete responsibility of its life. Its ability to justify prevailing limiting belief systems through the corresponding thoughts, emotions, feelings, increases self-confidence and self worth. Gradually with time and effort, the individual attunes to its true self and becomes its own guru. Before understanding anything in this existence, understanding oneself should be the priority.

Understanding oneself is an act of observing ones mindset and discovering truths about the existence of certain beliefs with comparison of results caused by it in real time. It requires courage and integrity to reflect back and learn from the past so that a mindset is prepared for similar circumstances in its future. This act of self-auditing will insist oneself to accept its true nature and realize its uniqueness and distinctiveness in this existence.  The secret of understanding oneself lies in complete acceptance after auditing with right knowledge. The act of acceptance will further open new self-paradigms under introspection and will grow self-awareness with time.

Here are some of the ways to start Understanding Oneself:

  • Birthdate Method: The birthdate method is one of the best ways to start introspection. The method reveals personality and characteristics of an individual born on a particular date. In astrology, every birth date falls in of the 12 Zodiac signs or Sunsigns ( Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc) and every zodiac is ruled by a particular planet and these ruler planets decides a lot about the born individual. One will be amazed to read its own personal birthdate horoscope and should believe in it in order to get the best out of it. Accept your true self as you discover it. Enter your birthdate and read along. https://www.thesecretlanguage.com/check/day/


  • Personality Type: It refers to the psychological classification of individuals. The most famous personality type indicator is Myers –Briggs Type Indicator. This test will make one aware of its personality type and acceptance of it will help you get most out of it. One can also read and know about famous personality of their type and discover more about their personality. Take your free test here : https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


  • Strengths & Weakness: It is very important to discover ones strengths and weakness in order to manage oneself efficiently. Most of the people are wrong about these and can become a hurdle in their lives. Understanding that ones performance can only be built around strengths will help realize ones full potential with time. The best way to be aware of strengths is through feedback analysis. Whenever a key decision is made, it should be compared with the results in order to understand the nature of strength one possesses. Managing a decision diary or digital note proves to be helpful in tracking decisions and results with time. One can also reflect back in past and test it in real time to be sure about its strengths. Whereas, the weaknesses are best managed when the strengths overshadow them in the performance. Ignoring the weaknesses and focusing on strengths is the way to go.







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