The Human Computer Mind

A computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving information and processing it with sequence of operations to produce a result in form of information and signals. It receives information from Input devices i.e. keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, pen drive etc. and processes it using in-built memory (RAM & ROM) through an Operating System (O.S) and produces the results through output devices.

A human mind is also a processor with built-in operating system, memory and input\output devices. Where, a computer can perform 100 billion instructions per second, the human mind can perform 10,000,000 Billion instructions per second, 10000 times faster than an average computer. The structure of human mind is theoretically divided into three parts: unconscious mind (55-60%), sub-conscious mind (25-30%) and conscious mind (5-10%).


Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind functions as operating system with like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS for a human life. An operating system is a set of instructions to control the core operations under different conditions such that communication between hardware and software is maintained to run real-time applications. The unconscious mind also serves as a system of instructions under different conditions such that mind and body are synchronized efficiently .The unconscious mind corresponds to the Delta Brainwave state and human conscience has no direct control over this primitive state of mind. It is the core component of mind and acts as the engine that runs individual’s life without revealing its natural complexity.

In psychological or software perspective, the unconscious mind stores core memories and beliefs that are built during early childhood. It refers to those aspects of our natural attributes that are developed over time. It is the storehouse of every minute of memory and experience, even including restrained, ignored or forgotten over a long time.  The unconscious mind forms the default perception about self and the world around it. Beliefs and values are stored and restructured with time according to subjective experiences and maturity. Habits, built over time through repetition seem involuntary through the unconscious mind.

In somatic or hardware perspective, the unconscious mind or natural intelligence controls growth and automated body systems of a new born body. The unconscious mind develops and sustains the human body with time by following the set of genetic instructions embedded inside the DNA, molecule that stores ancestral biological information. It controls the immune system, nervous system, digestive system and all automated body systems including sleep. During deep sleep, the unconscious mind takes over the body systems and resets all its internal clocks for the next day.

In simpler words, the responsibility of unconscious mind is to control operations on both psychological and somatic level such that an individual is able to live its daily life in real time with ease. It is with no doubt, the most powerful aspect of human mind.  Restructuring of beliefs and values in unconscious mind can be achieved through practice or repetition of positive affirmations, meditation and yoga.


Sub-Conscious Mind

The subconscious mind functions as short-term memory component or RAM (Random Access Memory) to be precise. Random Access Memory is a memory device that allows data to be read or written in real-time. It also holds the programs that are currently in use so that continuous operations can be performed by the processor. The subconscious mind functions as a gateway of unconscious mind and is a continuous communicative channel between the conscious and unconscious mind.  It corresponds to Alpha and Theta Brainwave states and an individual experiences effortless attention and focus, thereby increasing creativity and imagination.

In psychological perspective, subconscious mind retrieves relevant memories and beliefs from the unconscious mind such that it is capable of taking right decisions in real time. The subconscious mind shapes our attitude or behavior towards an ongoing real time situation and triggers emotions and feelings related to it. It also triggers creativity and intuitive imagination upon will of conscious mind.

In somatic perspective, the subconscious mind enhances the body-mind coordination while practicing any skill or talent. It allows the body to synchronize itself and experience a state of flow, thereby improving its performance with practice. It is with the help of subconscious mind any skill can be practiced and improved with time.

In simpler words, subconscious mind act as a conduit between conscious and unconscious mind. It extracts the right information from unconscious mind to process information of the conscious mind and writes new information on the unconscious mind through repetition in the conscious mind.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind functions as computer input and output devices for a human mind. Its own Input and output devices are sensory organs and motor organs of body. The function of input devices is to provide initial information so that in can be processed and results are produced through the output devices. The conscious mind acts as the captain of the whole mind structure and controls the focus and attention of mind. It corresponds to the Beta brainwave state and an individual is able to focus and engage in thinking and planning process with help of subconscious mind.

In psychological perspective, domain of conscious mind or rational mind is time-bound and initiates the mind structure with information of the present. It initiates the thinking process and is able to conclude with the help of subconscious and unconscious mind. The conscious mind, then takes the best decision as the output of the whole system. In the reader’s perspective, conscious mind is reading this article by using its eyes and the subconscious mind and unconscious mind are trying to understand and process it, conclusion is communicated back to the conscious mind and in the result the reader can either choose to read along or cancel the webpage. Similar process is repeated with every life situation and the result is experienced with time.

In somatic perspective, the power of conscious mind is to direct body at its own will. With practice of any physical action or even mental activity, the conscious mind directs the mind structure to comply and learn from mistakes, hereby improving with time and effort. Whereas, if any belief of unconscious mind doesn’t support the actions of conscious mind, it would convince conscious mind to give up that action by triggering related emotions and feelings through subconscious mind. The most powerful tool of conscious mind is willpower and has the power of choice to act for or against the belief of subconscious and unconscious mind.

The purpose of understanding the structure of mind is to accept its influence on a human life. The understanding allows the individual to observe its limiting beliefs of unconscious mind, learn from emotions and feelings of subconscious mind and initiate right imposition of willpower of its conscious mind to foster enduring change towards creation of its better self.



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