Aware Mindset

Aware mindset is a realistic mindset that prioritizes to restructure beliefs of victim mindset and build beliefs of victor mindset with the right knowledge. The difference between awareness and ignorance depends on the nature of knowledge perceived by an individual. The right knowledge will grow awareness and wrong knowledge will grow ignorance in a mindset. Awareness then allows acceptance and one claims complete responsibility of its mindset.

Aware mindset demands courage and willpower to walk the path through actions, also accepting that change is most difficult in the beginning and it is essential to endure with persistence in order to make the process easier with time. Solution focused approach will then shape the path of change needed in the believer. It encourages an individual to be their own guru by harvesting natural curiosity with knowledge of self. This independent approach prepares an individual for anything and everything to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Aware mindset is an opportunity to grow the skill of self observation through right knowledge that would minimize proportion of victim mindset and maximize proportion of victor mindset to create a better version of the individual with time. In the beginning, the believer will have to focus on making the right choices and later, those choices will make the process of change easier for the believer. The willpower of understanding problems of victim mindset and acting on the solutions and building victor mindset will complement each other to shape the path of aware mindset.

Importance of the power of mindset on a life is the utmost reason to restructure limiting beliefs of victim mindset as it creates an illusion causing the believer to drift away from the truth. Every individual develops limiting beliefs in an own subjective experience of time, so it is essential to understand that focus, willpower and time, need to be invested in order to restructure beliefs. Understanding one’s mindset with the right knowledge is the solution to restructure limiting beliefs and will grow self-acceptance in an individual.

Understanding oneself or one’s mindset will unlock opportunity of self-education and like any other education; an individual will learn through introspection and self-analysis, developing emotional intelligence with time. A mindset will have to question its understanding of core beliefs about oneself and its world. Courage and integrity to know the truth will grow awareness and connect loose ends of understanding. As in any education, mistakes and failures are natural; an individual should be patient and focused more on learning and improving with a positive attitude and behavior.

Aware mindset encourages an individual to make mistakes as probability of success increases with increase in learning from mistakes. In the process of restructuring beliefs, pre-dominant limiting beliefs will often take over control of mind. One must have faith and belief during these adversities and resist any tendency to react to prevailing limiting beliefs. The attitude of resilience will help focus on actions without thinking or procrastinating and increase momentum of change in a mindset. The willpower and patience to restructure limiting beliefs will ensure that an individual endures in the process and maintains a stoical attitude with faith and goodness.

The reconstitution of limiting beliefs will enable the mindset to accept and develop beliefs of victor mindset. Emotional intelligence developed in the process will guide the individual to take the right decisions with willpower and start its journey towards victor mindset. It is essential for an individual to ignore any tendency to revert back towards victim mindset and have faith and believe in itself. Victor mindsets will then take over control of one’s mindset and shape one’s path to glory and riches.

In short, aware mindset defines change to convert limitations of victim mindset to opportunities of victor mindset by finding solutions to problems through awareness.






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