Victim Mindset

Victim mindset or fixed mindset is the mindset which is unconsciously confined to its limiting or self-defeating beliefs. It is a dependent and adopted mindset that develops helplessness and vulnerability in an individual that strives to achieve validation and relevance through worldly means. The result is that the individual reacts to every shortcoming and feels that it is a victim of its own consequences, developing anxiety and ignorance against failures or criticisms.

The limiting beliefs shape the attitude and behavior towards life situations and affect the quality of understanding of life. The understanding and acceptance of victim mindset encourages self-growth that is most difficult in the beginning and becomes easier with focus and effort made towards personal development. The choices made towards self-growth create profound results through the power of mindset and an individual is able to covert limitations of victim mindset to opportunities of victor mindset.

Victim mindset is like a wrong map that would make it difficult for an individual to reach its dreams and aspirations.

First of all, it is very important to understand that no one is to be blamed for any limitations and everyone holds complete responsibility of its own mindset. Every mindset differs in proportions of limitations according to subjective understanding of life and willpower to change it. The understanding of limitations in a mindset starts with unconditional identification and acceptance of it which would then help in introspection and finding solutions, subjective to every individual. The solutions should be repeated with willpower and persistence such that the results show up quickly and motivate the believer to stay on course.

Every being is challenged with problems and difficulties while pursuing their dreams; it is the attitude towards problems that makes a difference. Victim mindset ignores problems because of fear of failure and avoids any challenges that could question its capabilities, developing procrastination and ignorance in the believer. This mindset believes that skills and talents are fixed and one cannot possibly change a lot many aspects of their lives, hereby increasing complacency.

Victim mindset tricks the individual to give up easily and come up with justifying excuses in order to appear considerable.  This mindset uses its willpower to understand everything that comes its way, ignoring the possibility that its understanding is perhaps wrong. The individual creates a false idea of itself and its surroundings, supported by wrong knowledge or manipulated facts, thus supporting narcissism unconsciously. Arrogance and egotism develops in the individual as a defense mechanism to protect its self esteem and perception.

Victim mindset needs emotional intelligence to change its course and get back in life. It is important for the individual to understand that life flows through it and it will have to face every consequence of its actions and reactions. Self-observation and self analysis of thoughts, emotions and feelings is a definite way to identify limiting beliefs in a mindset. An individual will have to pull itself out its comfortable zone and accept it unconditionally. Acceptance will allow the individual to find the best solutions to restructure its limiting beliefs and willpower to act on it; will confirm that these beliefs don’t revert back in the mindset.

In short, Victim mindset defines its limitations through ignorant beliefs, which breeds doubt and creates procrastination in an individual.




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