Victor Mindset

Victor mindset or growth mindset is the mindset that is continuously learning from mistakes and changing itself with time. It appreciates the power of mindset and acts in accordance to utilize it. Unlike victim mindset, this mindset spends time to understand first, and then implements through willpower and persistence. Victor mindset is independent and takes unconditional responsibility of its life and hence experiences natural flow of confidence and happiness. Contrary to victim mindset, this mindset utilizes its natural curiosity to learn about itself rather than focusing on other people. Like nature, victor mindset is constantly changing itself to adapt to its environment.

Victor mindset believes in constant self-growth and personal development and is intrigued by new challenges, which in turn creates a problem solving attitude that develops self confidence and creativity in an individual. In short, victor mindset is a definite tool set for an individual that would convert problems into opportunities and create a life of one’s dreams and aspirations.

First of all, it is important to understand the evident that victor mindset and victim mindset are polar independent theoretical mindsets. In a realistic perspective, every mindset has beliefs that proportionately originate from either victim mindset or victor mindset. In simple words, every mindset is a mix of both polar mindsets. The percentage of each type of mindset decides the quality of life of an individual. Hence, the focus should be on identifying traits of victim mindset and transmute them to suit the victor mindset. Victor mindset is the destination that can only be achieved with time multiplied by focus and effort.

Victor mindset embraces new challenges with the focus to solve problems through creativity and innovation. While facing obstacles, they persist and use patience to come up with the best solution. Victor mindset uses introspection to figure what is missing and targets to achieve it through consistency and focus. It uses discipline and time management strategies as a tool to plan and execute simultaneously. This mindset never gives up and learns from criticism to improve itself. Success and failures of other individuals motivate and inspire the victor mindset to be more prepared for anything and everything that might come its way.

Victor mindset believes in mastery and aspires to learn with consistency and patience, hereby growing  awareness with time. As understanding grows with time, victor mindset is able to identify opportunities and execute efficiently on time. Values like humility and gratitude, ensures that an individual doesn’t drift away from its goals and momentum is maintained throughout the journey to glory.

In short, Victor mindset defines its opportunities through unconditional acceptance that develops confidence to produce results through pro-activity.



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