Emotions are reactions to Thoughts on the human body. As thoughts are a form of energy, this energy is set to motion in the body through emotions.  Emotions are instinctive and express thoughts physically through body. The human body is reflection of its mind and it is essential to start being aware of your body to be aware of the mind. In simple words, purpose of manifestation of emotions is to prepare a body according to its thoughts about a forthcoming event.

Thoughts trigger emotions and together form a feeling. Emotions originate as either an afterthought phenomenon or reactions to feelings perceived by an individual. Thoughts initiated during self-communication triggers emotions to create a feeling of either love or fear. Feelings perceived by an individual create thoughts and emotions related to it. Thus, emotions are either triggered through willpower of rational mind or perception of stronger emotional mind.

In The Human Energy System, emotions are the function of lower three chakras namely manipura chakra, swadhistana chakra and mooladhara chakra.

In the human body, emotions are bio chemical process in the body activated through endocrine glands as a response to stimulus from the environment. It is expressed through the body and can be measured through medical science.

In The Human Computer Mind, emotions are triggered by thoughts through willpower of conscious mind and through perception from the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind registers the experience of thoughts and emotions as a feeling into the unconscious mind. Whenever, the conscious mind finds itself in a similar environment, same feeling is triggered from the unconscious mind and related thoughts and emotions are generated to prepare the conscious mind. This interaction of thoughts, emotions and feelings form a two way communication process in the conscious mind and unconscious mind through the subconscious mind.

In Victim Mindset, emotions flow through compulsive thoughts that dominate the mind. As emotions originate naturally from thoughts, often a victim is subjected to a surge of compulsive emotions without any emotional intelligence to deal with it. The victim creates a comfortable zone of ignorant facts and prejudices that supports inaction to avoid confrontation of its own emotional turbulence.  Thus, due to lack of knowledge or wisdom, a victim becomes a prey to its own mindset. As victim mindset affects the mind, body is also affected naturally. The negative emotions triggered due to compulsive thinking results in excessive secretions of enzymes from endocrine glands and creates imbalance in the metabolism of the body. This imbalance makes the immune system weak and body becomes vulnerable to diseases.

In Victor Mindset emotions are observed as a gateway to identify thoughts that need to be liberated through awareness in order to free the mind from it. Unlike a victim, victor is not afraid of its emotions but rather seeks the hidden lesson around it to be resilient.  As a victor is its own guru, it is always prepared to be proactive through emotional intelligence.

In Aware Mindset, emotions are perceived as an opportunity to pause and reflect back the nature of thoughts that triggered it to avoid any reactions to it. Both, victim mindset and victor mindset, develop their own positive or negative thoughts and emotions from individual underlying beliefs. It might be difficult in the beginning, but with acceptance and surrender the process of identifying successive cues of limiting beliefs will become easier with time. With consistency and gratitude, a victim is sure to become a victor of its life.


Emotions are essence of the body and originate as an afterthought phenomenon either through willpower of conscious mind or perception from unconscious mind.

Emotions prepare the body to act accordance with thoughts towards new challenges and allow momentum to ensure success in the endeavor hereby

Affirmations reinforce encouragement through willpower of conscious mind and strengthen perception from the unconscious mind.







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