Thoughts are essence of the mind, experienced as a set of words of any language that signifies a meaning, subjective to every individual. The quantity and quality of thoughts represents the understanding of an individual about itself and its surrounding.  Thought is form of energy experienced by the mind. A modern mind experiences 50k-70k thoughts per day and most of them are repetitive.

Thoughts as experienced by an individual are often taken for granted without understanding its truthfulness. When thoughts are motivated by love, it creates positive abundance and fulfillment in a life and whereas, when the thoughts are motivated by fear, it creates a vicious circle of ignorance nurturing negativity in an individual. As thoughts are hard to control, one can only be aware of its thoughts and consciously choose not let it affect the state of mind.

The Human Energy System system, thoughts are the function of upper three chakras namely sahashra chakra, ajna chakra and vishudhi chakra.

In Human body, thoughts are electro-chemical reactions through a billion nerve cells in the brain.

In The Human Computer Mind, Thoughts either originate through willpower of the conscious mind or as a response from the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind registers the experience of thoughts and emotions as a feeling into the unconscious mind. Whenever, the conscious mind finds itself in a similar environment, same feeling is triggered from the unconscious mind and related thoughts and emotions are generated to prepare the conscious mind. This interaction of thoughts, emotions and feelings form a two way communication process in the conscious mind and unconscious mind through the subconscious mind.


In Victim Mindset, the mind is in reactive mode towards its environment. Due to lack of right knowledge or wisdom, thoughts originate out of illusion and ignorance. The result is that an individual believes in its mindset and is controlled by its thoughts. Thoughts of doubt and worry, triggers a chain of negative thoughts and emotions resulting in generating feeling of fear in the individual. In turn, the feeling of fear generates related thoughts and emotions, creating a vicious circle of illusion and making an individual, a victim to its own mindset. This vicious circle builds a comfortable zone around the victim and becomes stronger with time.

In Victor Mindset, the mind is aware of its thoughts and develops acceptance towards it.  The confusion created through negative thoughts invites opportunity to learn and understand such that it loses its power over the believer. Acceptance of thoughts creates space to increase its understanding and an individual is always prepared to create better results through proactivity. A victor also uses willpower of conscious mind through affirmations to guide its personal development as needed during the course to success. Unlike victim mindset, thoughts have no power over understanding of the individual but rather a means to improve its understanding day by day.

In Aware Mindset, the mind needs to observe its thoughts with a purpose to increase its understanding about the power of beliefs in a mindset. Aware mindset is the solution to convert from victim mindset to victor mindset. Both, victim and victor mindset develop their own positive and negative thoughts from respective underlying beliefs. The believer needs to be patient while decoding thoughts to beliefs and not indulge in self-criticism when unable to do so. It is very important to understand that an individual will face most difficulty in the beginning and repetition of effort will make it easier with time. Upon identification of limiting beliefs, unconditional acceptance is the secret to set oneself free. With surrender and integrity, an individual is sure to stop reacting to its thoughts and will start witnessing it to prepare itself for proactivity.


Thoughts are essence of the mind and originate either through willpower of conscious mind or perception from the unconscious mind.

The quality and quantity of thoughts depends upon faith in the unknown, belief in the known and curiosity to understand beyond through gratitude.

Affirmations reinforce encouragement through willpower of conscious mind and strengthen perception from the unconscious mind.



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