Feeling is the essence of heart and comes to being through the unconscious mind. Feelings are automatic responses to one’s environment that are subtle but sustainable in nature. It can be expressed as a high level intuition or knowing which triggers related thoughts and emotions in order to prepare the mind according to the environment. The output of a feeling as thoughts, emotions and actions or inaction depends upon the understanding of an individual. In short, a feeling comprises of Thoughtsand Emotions; manifested either through willpower of rational mind or perception from emotional mind.

As an expression, feeling is the language of soul and every soul communicates with each other through feelings in mysterious ways.  One might forget the contents of a conversation, but the feeling leaves an imprint as an expression of the quality of relationship between individuals. In this context, whenever a person reflects on other person, the underlying feeling would prevail over the judgment irrespective of the truth. In simpler words, a feeling is subtle yet powerful in its innate existence.

In The Human Energy System, feelings are function of the heart or anahata chakra. Thoughts flows from upper three chakras to fuse with emotions which flow from lower three chakras to form feelings in the central or heart chakra.

In the human body, feelings are function of heart organ whose 60-65% of cells are neuron cells. Alike human brain, heart is also a sensory organ that has 60 times stronger electromagnetic field than brain. Rationally, heart being the most electromagnetic organ in the body is capable of receiving and transmitting intuitive senses like a feeling.

In The Human Computer Mind, feelings are produced through willpower of conscious mind and through perception from the unconscious mind. Thoughts and emotions together form a feeling.

The conscious mind registers the experience of thoughts and emotions as a feeling into the unconscious mind. Whenever, the conscious mind finds itself in a similar environment, same feeling is triggered from the unconscious mind and related thoughts and emotions are generated to prepare the conscious mind. This interaction of thoughts, emotions and feelings form a two way communication process in the conscious mind and unconscious mind through the subconscious mind.

In Victim Mindset, feelings of fear dominate and influence the functioning of mind. Due to lack of emotional intelligence, a victim creates a comfortable zone of fear unconsciously, to avoid confrontation of compulsive emotions. The feeling of fear rooted deep in the unconscious mind influences reactive thoughts and emotions about every situation in the environment, unconsciously creating a wall of ignorance around itself. In this way, a victim survives in the comfortable zone away from reality and truth. Thus, a victim continuously seeks means of pleasure to create temporary feeling of happiness and forget the pain caused by fear but never really coming out of the comfortable zone.

In Victor Mindset, feelings of love dominate and influence the functioning of mind. As a victor is always proactive towards opportunities, it is able to facilitate self growth and success to experience happiness and love around itself. It uses routine to complete its goal and be on course towards its ambition, thus enjoying small wins as future unfolds.

In Aware Mindset, feelings of fear need to be observed and feelings of love need to be multiplied. The act of observing feelings of fear will lead unfold thoughts that originate from limiting beliefs and through acceptance and surrender, every limiting belief will lose its power over conditioning of the mindset. A victim needs to follow its fear and come out of the comfortable zone to accept itself unconditionally, thereby multiplying feelings of love as a victor of its life.


Feelings are the essence of heart and the language of soul. Heart is the unifying centre of thoughts and emotions to ensure a balance of mind and body through soul. Feelings either originate through willpower of conscious mind or perception from unconscious mind.

Feelings are subtle yet powerful as it defines quality of life experienced by a soul. As a result of positive thoughts and emotions, a calm feeling of gratitude further builds a better mind, body and soul.

Thoughts that originate from faith in the unknown, belief of the known and curiosity to understand beyond, triggers emotions to prepare for challenges, maintain momentum to ensure success and further building through gratitude.

Affirmations reinforce encouragement through willpower of conscious mind and strengthen perception from the unconscious mind.



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