New Age Of Spirituality

“Our entire solar system is undergoing a noticeably visible and measurable energetic shift that has been predicted in at least 35 different ancient spiritual traditions.” – David Wilcock

Spirituality is a broad concept that acknowledges that there is no definite way to experience life. Every individual has the free will to choose a certain path and explore their own unique way of being. 

As every person is walking their own path, there is no right or wrong path, just different and unique paths. One follows their heart through different circumstances and learn own life lessons on the way. 

It’s more about a way of being rather than a certain methodical practice. 

New Age is a collection of beliefs of scholars from different theological backgrounds. Every scholar has simplified ancient doctrines and philosophies in attempt to understand reality in a modern perspective. It is through their perspective we are able to evolve our understanding with time. This is a continual process, it’s been happening through ages and will keep happening in the future. 

New age is also related to advent of ‘Age of Aquarius’. Astrologically, Aquarius sign is related to uniting people based on their beliefs and practices. It is through internet and social media that this new age has manifested, uniting people by not only influencing their beliefs but also influencing their actions.  

In this New Age of Spirituality, where everyone is able to communicate and create awareness about ignorant issues, everyone has an opportunity to transform oneself and as well as create an impact on this planet. 

As Lao Tzu said – “Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own transformation”  

Let us inspire and support each other by walking our own individual paths of self transformation, only to unite One & All through love and wisdom. 

Let us create a new earth.  


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