The Modern Third Eye

What is Third Eye? The third eye, inner eye or the sixth sense, also called as the “seat of soul” is an esoteric concept which offers perception beyond the ordinary sight. It is the bridge […]

The Paradox Of Change

“The only thing that is constant is Change” is the most inevitable truth of our universe and change multiplied over space and time is evolution. After the Big Bang, the universe evolved for more than […]

The Power Of Mindset

Every one of 7.4 Billion Human Beings on our planet is, in one way or other, unique. A Mindset is an intrinsic part of a human being and is the abstract that makes us unique […]

Stay Curious.Be Aware.

With the evolution of computers and smart phones; Information Technology has helped humans enter the digital age. It’s the first time in our history; mankind is able to connect with each other in real time […]